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It is vital for an overlay welding process to provide sufficient penetration and complete fusion with the base metal in order to maximize corrosion resistance.  Alloy Cladding is unique in that we specialize in submerged arc automatic welding process (SAW) for digester maintenance and repair.

Unlike other welding processes, SAW has the advantage of increased penetration, resulting in a stronger bond with the base metal.  The use of a dual wire welding process provides a higher chrome content and more effectively welds over rougher surfaces.  Furthermore, flux coverage as opposed to inert gas enhances the integrity of the weld.  Our highly trained employees monitor deposition chemistries through on-site sampling and quality control to assure the integrity and uniformity of the weld microstructure.  We take pride in our work and believe that SAW delivers the longest lasting, highest quality product available that will keep our customers’ digesters functioning optimally for years to come.


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